Steel Ladle Castable

Steel Ladle Castable

Long life;
High temperature resistance;
Shock resistance & High strength;
High stability;
Ideal Ladle Refractories;
Application: Steel ladle castable mainly used in large,medium and small ladle.


Steel ladle mainly suffers high temperature steel liquid (about 1650℃) thermal impaction, mechanical abrasion, molten slag and steel liquid chemical corrosion, especially damage to ladle bottom is the severest.

For middle size and large scale ladles, corundum magnesia castable and corundum alumina magnesia spinel castable are usually used as ladle wall and bottom working lining. Slag line zone is usually built by magnesia carbon bricks. Gunning castable use in steel ladle includes alumina magnesia gunning castable, magnesia gunning castable, magnesia spinel gunning castable and so on.

  Technical Data:

Item Alumina magnesia castable Alumina magnesia castable High alumina castable
Application Work lining Work lining Permanent lining
Al2O3 %≥ 60 70 60
MgO % ≥ 12 10 /
C %  / / /
Refractoriness ℃≥ / / 1790
RUL ℃ ≥ 1200 1350 /
LCR % (1400℃,2h) 0~2 0~2 0~0.3
Apparent porosity % ≤ 23 25 18
CCS MPa ≥ 30 30 30
Max. working temperature ℃ 1700 1700 1650


1. Al2O3-MgO-C Castable
Al2O3-MgO-C castable can produce magnesia alumina spinel and significantly enhance corrosion resistance and spall resistance of refractory material, greatly prolong the service life of steel ladle.

2. Alumina Magnesia Castable
Alumina magnesia castable are gradually used in steel ladle, the lining service life can reach to 60 times or more, refractory material consumption is reduced by 60%~80%.

3. Alumina Magnesia Spinel Castable
Bauxite based alumina magnesia spinel castable contains certain ratio of magnesia alumina spinel, which makes castable’s corrosion resistance and spall resistance ability improved greatly, the performance is better than water glass bonded alumina magnesia castable and get excellent using effect in all kinds of steel ladles.

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