Lightweight Insulating Castable

Lightweight Insulating Castable

(1) Small bulk density and low thermal conductivity, reducing the structural weight of the furnace or equipment.
(2) Excellent heat insulation and heat insulation, making the temperature in the furnace uniform.
(3) An integral lining material of any shape that can be used in a good project.
(4) Strong spalling resistance.
(5) Chemical resistance to acid and alkaline gases.
(6) Good workability and high bond strength.


Lightweight insulating castable is monolithic refractory made from lightweight refractory aggregate, powder, binding agent and additives. Lightweight insulating castable is usually worked by casting method, or gunning method, spraying coating method, that’s why it is also called lightweight concrete, or lightweight coating mix, lightweight unshaped refractory. As lightweight insulating castable has good workability and fast working speed, especially for inner lining with complex structure and shapes, the advantages of lightweight insulating castable is more significant. Besides, light insulating castable has low thermal conductivity and low thermal capacity, it is energy-saving, so it is widely used in high temperature projects as insulating material. Lightweight insulating castable is usually named by its aggregate composition, for example, expansile vermiculite castable, expansile perlite castable, lightweight high alumina castable, light mullite castable, lightweight silica castable, etc. The performance of light insulating castable is mainly decided by the performance of lightweight aggregate and binding agents.

  Technical Data:

Item Max. working temp. ℃ Bulk density after drying g/cm3 Crushing strength Mpa(500℃) Linear change rate%(500℃) Thermal conductivity w/(m·K)
Vermiculite castable 800 0.86 1.9 -0.29 0.199~0.386
Ceramsite castable 900 1.32 14.5 -0.09 /
Perlite castable 1000 1.20~1.30 7.4~8.3 -0.21 0.308
Light clay castable 1300 1.465 6.7 -0.11 0.611
Light high alumina castable 1300 1.34 8.6 -0.07 0.673
Alumina bubble castable 1600 1.60 20.1 0.11 0.889


Insulating Castable Refractory can be used for thermal insulation layer in high temperature industrial kiln and furnace. Insulating Castable Refractory is also used for acid resistance projects such as acid-proof pool and groove in industries of petroleum, chemical engineering and nonferrous metals metallurgy.

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