Refractory Bricks for Sale in South Africa

2024-05-13 09:58:01
We are a professional manufacturer of refractory bricks in China with more than 20 years of experience. Our products have been exported to South Africa many times. The more quantity you need, the lower the price of refractory bricks. Please feel free to contact us to get the refractory brick price.

Refractory bricks are a building material with excellent fire resistance and high temperature resistance, and are widely used in the construction and maintenance of various industrial kilns. The following is a detailed introduction to refractory bricks:

1. Definition and characteristics of refractory bricks

Refractory brick, referred to as refractory brick, is a refractory material made of refractory clay or other refractory raw materials. It has a yellowish or brownish appearance and can withstand high temperatures up to 1580°C to 1770°C. This material comes in certain shapes and sizes and can be machined and customized as needed.
2. Classification of refractory bricks

Refractory bricks can be divided into various types based on their composition and uses. For example, silicon-alumina refractory bricks are refractory bricks based on the AL2O3-SiO2 binary system phase diagram as the basic theory, and mainly include silica bricks and clay bricks. Silica bricks contain more than 93% SiO2 and are the main variety of acid refractory bricks. They are mainly used for building vaults and other load-bearing parts of coke ovens and various glass, ceramic, carbon calcining furnaces and other equipment. Clay bricks are mainly composed of mullite, glass phase, cristobalite and quartz, and are made of hard clay as raw materials.

3. The use and shape of refractory bricks

Refractory bricks are mainly used in the construction of various industrial furnaces, such as iron furnaces, steel furnaces, coke ovens, glass furnaces, cement kilns, steam boilers, and the lining of various heat treatment furnaces and heating furnaces. Different types of refractory bricks cannot be mixed. When building refractory bricks, the same type of refractory mud as the refractory bricks should be used as the cementing material.

Refractory bricks come in various shapes, including standard bricks, special-shaped bricks and special-shaped bricks. These different shapes of refractory bricks can meet the needs of different equipment and processes.
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