Ramming Mass For Sale

2024-05-16 09:17:12
Ramming material is an unshaped refractory material that is constructed by ramming (manual or mechanical) and hardened under heating above normal temperature. It is made by mixing refractory aggregates, powders, binders, admixtures with a certain gradation and water or other liquids. According to material classification, ramming materials include high alumina, clay, magnesia, dolomite, zirconium and silicon carbide-carbon.

The ramming material is made of silicon carbide, graphite, and electric calcined anthracite as raw materials, mixed with a variety of ultrafine powder additives, and fused cement or composite resin as a binding agent to make a bulk material body. It is mainly used to fill the gap between the furnace cooling equipment and the masonry or as a filler for the masonry leveling layer. It has the characteristics of good chemical stability, erosion resistance, wear resistance, spalling resistance, and thermal shock resistance. Therefore, ramming materials are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, non-ferrous metal smelting, chemical industry, machinery and other manufacturing industries.

Specifically, ramming materials can be used in the lining of induction furnace walls to maintain the integrity of the furnace lining and ensure efficient heat transfer during the melting process; used in the wall and roof lining of electric arc furnaces to withstand the intense heat generated by the arc; as ladles And the lining of the tundish, providing heat insulation and corrosion resistance to ensure the smooth progress of casting operations; it can also be used for the lining of coreless induction furnaces to melt and insulate various metals; in addition, ramming materials can also be used for various castings processes and other high temperature applications such as cement kilns, incinerators and boilers.
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