Properties and applications of alumina ceramics

2024-01-18 17:00:20
Electronic devices: As an insulating material under high temperature and high pressure, alumina ceramics are widely used in the electronics industry.
Wear-resistant material: It can withstand wear under extreme conditions, so it is often used in the manufacture of metal liquid stirring rods, engineering wear-resistant parts, etc.
High-temperature devices: Such as high-temperature metal delivery tubes and high-temperature thermocouple tubes, alumina ceramics have demonstrated their high temperature resistance in these applications.
Mechanical parts: including cutting and grinding tools and wear-resistant porcelain parts for textile machines. The high strength of alumina ceramics makes it ideal for these areas.
Bioceramics: In the medical field, alumina ceramics can be used to make biocompatible medical devices such as artificial joints and teeth.
In addition, alumina ceramics also have good thermal conductivity and mechanical strength, which makes it widely used in many high-tech fields in modern society. According to the different Al2O3 content in alumina ceramics, it can be divided into two types: high purity type and ordinary type. High-purity alumina ceramics (content greater than 99.9%) are usually used to replace platinum crucible molten glass and are used as sodium lamp tubes, integrated circuit substrates and high-frequency insulating materials. Ordinary alumina ceramics have various types such as 99.4%, 95%, 90% and 75% depending on the Al2O3 content, which are suitable for different industrial needs.
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