Refractory Castable

Refractory Castable

Refractory castables are a mixture of refractory aggregates, powders, binders and admixtures, which can withstand high temperatures of 1500°C to 1800°C. They are widely used in industrial kilns, high-temperature equipment, pizza ovens, etc.


Refractory castable is a high-performance refractory material with excellent high temperature resistance.

Features include excellent thermal stability, convenient construction, strong integrity, strong thermal shock resistance, etc.

  Technical Data:

Item Refractory temperature    
High alumina refractory castable 1500°C-1700°C    
Low cement refractory castable 1550°C-1750°C    
Corundum refractory castable 1500°C-1700°C    
Lightweight refractory castable 600°C-1200°C    
Special purpose refractory castables ≥2000°C    


Widely used in high-temperature equipment in steel smelting, cement production, power, petrochemical and other industries, such as converters, blast furnaces, rotary kilns, boilers, etc.


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