Low Cement Castable

Low Cement Castable

1. Chemical component :≥ 65

2. Aggregate:Mullite & Corundum

3. Maximum service temperature:≥ 1600

4. Refractorinee:≥1750

5. Bulk density g/cm³:≥2.6

6. 1300℃Pressure strength after sintered:±0.5


Low cement castables use calcium aluminate cement as the binder, and castables with less than 2.5% CaO content are commonly referred to as low cement castables. Different from traditional castables, low-cement castables, ultra-low-grade aggregated superfines with the same or similar chemical composition as the main material (with a particle size of less than 10 microns) replace most or all of the cement, and refined and scientifically optimized particles. Grading, fine powder, particle morphology and other factors, at the same time adding a small amount of dispersant (water reducing agent) and moderate amount of retarder and other compound admixture prepared.

  Technical Data:

Item/Index RS-M1 RS-A1 RS-A2
Chemical component 65 80 90
Aggregate Mullite Corundum Corundum
Maximum service temperature 1600 1700 1800
Refractorinee 1750 1790 1790
Bulk density 2.6 2.8 3
Linear change after sintered 1000℃ -0.2 -0.2 -0.2
1300℃ ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5
Pressure strength after sintered 110*24h 30 30 30
1000*3h 50 50 50
1400*3h 70 80 80


Low cement castables are mainly used in metallurgy, electric power, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, building materials and other industries. Such as the bottom of the glass kiln, the front and back of the kiln door sill cooling machine, and other high-temperature resistant parts, front and rear kiln mouths, coal injection pipes, etc.; various heat treatment furnaces such as heating furnace and soaking furnace; medium frequency induction furnace lining, petrochemical catalysis High temperature wear resistant linings for cracking reactors, linings for other industrial furnaces. Can be cast, smeared, and beaten on site.

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