Silver copper smelting furnace

June 18, 2022

Silver copper smelting furnace


The silver copper smelting furnace is a new copper matte smelting process developed and researched by my country to replace the original copper concentrate reverberatory furnace smelting process. The smelting process has strong practicability for raw materials, high smelting intensity, loose requirements for fuel varieties, low comprehensive energy consumption, high concentration of sulfur dioxide in flue gas, and good environmental conditions.


The original silver copper smelting furnace is based on the reverberatory furnace. Several air vents are added on the furnace walls on both sides, and high-pressure air is blown in to separate the smelting area and the precipitation area with a partition wall slightly higher than the surface of the molten pool (the lower melting area is body connected), called a single-chamber silver smelting furnace.


After the improvement, the partition wall is built to the top of the furnace, and it is divided into two parts: the smelting area and the precipitation area, which is called a double-chamber silver smelting furnace. The smoke outlet is located at the end of the smelting area (the double-chamber silver smelting furnace has an additional smoke outlet in the sedimentation area), and the copper matte discharge outlet and the slag outlet are located on both sides of the furnace wall at the end of the sedimentation area.

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