Oxygen Bottom Blow Melting Furnace

June 18, 2022

Oxygen Bottom Blow Melting Furnace

The oxygen bottom blowing smelting technology is a copper and lead smelting process developed by my country. The oxygen bottom blowing smelting furnace is its core equipment. The oxygen bottom blowing smelting furnace has a set of oxygen lances at the bottom of the furnace. Slag mouth, etc. have their own requirements. Due to the chemical reaction of solid and liquid materials under the strong agitation of high-pressure oxygen and high temperature, the furnace lining works in an extremely harsh environment, especially the brick body in the oxygen gun mouth area, which is subjected to more serious mechanical erosion and chemical erosion. The lining of the oxygen bottom blowing melting furnace is all made of high-quality magnesia-chromium refractory bricks or unshaped refractory materials, as well as high-quality wear-resistant materials including chrome-aluminum spinel bricks.


The production process of copper is the one with the most methods in various non-ferrous metals. The production process of copper in my country not only includes all copper processes in the world, but also includes unique processes in my country, such as silver smelting copper method and oxygen bottom. Blow melting furnace.


In the fire copper smelting process, the difference is mainly in the production of copper matte, while the converter blowing and copper refining are basically the same.


The main equipment for non-ferrous metal smelting is non-ferrous metal smelting furnaces. Studying the demand for the variety and quality of refractory materials due to technological progress of non-ferrous metal smelting industry should be the main task for the refractory industry to extend the life of non-ferrous metal smelting furnaces and increase production.

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