Antifreeze measures for maintenance after pouring

January 17, 2022

    In winter, after a part of the pouring construction of the refractory castable is completed, thermal insulation and antifreeze measures should be taken in time to ensure that the refractory castable will not be frozen during the maintenance process. The practical maintenance and insulation methods on site are as follows:


1) Maintenance and insulation method 1


    Cover the top of the heating furnace, the door of the feeding and discharging furnace and the air leakage of the heat storage box with canvas or plastic film, so as to prevent the cold air from outside the furnace from blowing into the furnace, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation. When adopting this method, attention should be paid to fire prevention and the safety of high-altitude operations during construction. Because there will be cross operations on the construction site, it is necessary to prevent the electric welding spark from igniting the canvas or plastic film, resulting in a fire incident.


2) Maintenance and insulation method 2


    Place a part of iodine tungsten lamps or warm fans in the furnace, and use the principle of thermal radiation to increase the ambient temperature in a certain area of ​​the furnace, so as to achieve the effect of material curing and heat preservation after pouring. When adopting this method, attention must be paid to the personnel's protection against electric shock, the wiring layout, the placement of iodine tungsten lamps or heating fans (so as not to hinder the operation).


3) Maintenance and insulation method three


    Put several stoves made of oil barrels in the furnace, ignite the coke or firewood in the stove, so as to increase the temperature in the heating furnace, or ignite the firewood pile on the refractory bricks at the bottom of the furnace, and let the special person take care of adding firewood, which can also increase the number of firewood in the furnace. ambient temperature. Due to environmental inspections, this method is generally not allowed on site. Moreover, the smoke from burning firewood is relatively large, which affects the operation of construction workers and has poor safety. This is a last resort to ensure the construction period when the on-site thermal insulation conditions are limited.


4) Maintenance and insulation method four


    Conditional construction sites can arrange pipelines at the bottom of the furnace to pass steam to increase the ambient temperature in the furnace. This method is safe and can achieve thermal insulation effects. The temperature in the furnace is relatively uniform and durable, and is currently a more advocated method.

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