Antifreeze Measures for Winter Construction of Refractory Castables for Heating Furnace

January 17, 2022

1) Antifreeze measures before pouring construction


Antifreeze measures for refractory castables before construction, including antifreeze for refractory castable transportation and storage. During transportation, pay attention to preventing rain and snow, use special winter transportation covering cloth to cover, minimize the intermediate links of multiple transfers, and properly select suitable transportation vehicles. During the storage process, after the refractory castable arrives at the site, it must be placed in a rain-tight warehouse or construction workshop, and stored in a dry and high terrain. It is best to lay a layer of wooden pallets on the ground where the refractory castable is stored. Prevent refractory castable from returning moisture.


(2) Antifreeze measures during pouring


In the process of pouring refractory castables, the following methods can effectively reduce the risk of freezing of refractory castables:


1) Stir and warm with water


Put an electric heater or pass steam into the water storage bucket for stirring water, and you can also light the firewood under the bucket to directly heat the water storage bucket and raise the water temperature to 15~35℃.


2) Add a certain amount of coagulant during stirring


The coagulant can shorten the coagulation time and cause the castable to freeze due to the slow solidification.


3) It should be used as soon as possible after mixing to prevent freezing during transportation.


Minimize the transport distance as much as possible. After the refractory castable is stirred, it should be transported to the pouring site immediately, and it is advisable to use it up within 15 minutes. During construction in winter, the transportation time should be shortened as much as possible to prevent the refractory castable from freezing in the refractory castable transportation, and the refractory castable should be vibrated in time after pouring into the pouring part.

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