Applicable range of silicon carbide corundum wear-resistant and refractory plastic

November 18, 2021

   This material is a high-grade refractory material, which has excellent wear resistance, super adhesion and higher use temperature. It is also known for its simple construction process, short construction period, and no need for ovens after construction. Through practice, its service life is significantly higher than other wear-resistant refractory materials, and it is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, steel, ceramics and other industries.


Zhengzhou Rongsheng


1) How to use


   This material is constructed by smearing, ramming, and compacting. Before construction, the rigid anchoring nail tips should be fixed at the required positions. The top, bottom, left and right mesh spacing of the anchoring nail tips is about 120-150mm (maximum 200mm). Lay the plastics on the required parts and apply them evenly on the required parts. The thickness of the material can be determined according to the design requirements of different furnace types.


2) Applicable area


   Silicon carbide wear-resistant and refractory plastics can be widely used in cyclones, heat radiation materials and other parts where refractory materials are used. It has super bonding performance, it can be freely smeared and beaten any irregular wear parts, so that the degree of wear is greatly reduced, without the use of steel templates or molds, it can be ignited immediately after construction, without special maintenance, thus shortening the construction period. Cost savings.


 3) Storage method


    Avoid storage in the open air to prevent direct sunlight. In summer, it should be stored in a cold and humid place to prevent freezing in winter. The shelf life of plastics is generally 1 year, and the coagulant generally needs to be replaced if it has not been used for 4-6 months (if it is used after 1 year of storage, the material needs to be re-trapped).

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