The concept and harm of wear and tear of circulating fluidized bed boiler

November 17, 2021

   A new, high-efficiency, low-polluting clean combustion technology-circulating fluidized bed combustion technology has been widely used. The main feature of circulating fluidized combustion is that the flue gas carrying a large amount of materials undergoes gas-solid separation when passing through the separator. The separated gas enters the tail, sequentially flows through the heating surfaces for heat exchange, and is discharged into the atmosphere after purification. The separated solid materials are sent back to the furnace through a non-mechanical return valve for cyclic combustion. High-concentration materials in the cyclic combustion process cause the heating surface and refractory materials to wear, which seriously restricts the long-term economic operation of the furnace.


   Abrasion is a phenomenon in which the material on the working surface of an object is constantly lost, transferred or generated residual deformation during relative movement. The wear of the circulating fluidized bed boiler is mainly in two aspects: the wear of the heating surface and the wear of the refractory materials. In the abrasion of the heating surface, whether it is the abrasion of the pipes on the steam-water side or the flue gas side, it will cause changes in the thermal stress and uneven heating of the heated pipes, which will cause the heating surface to burst and leak, and even cause the boiler to shut down; Material wear will cause the refractory layer to fall off, air leakage will increase, and the heating surface will wear more seriously. Either the wear of the heating surface or the wear of the refractory materials will have varying degrees of impact on the normal, safe, and economic operation of the boiler.


   Circulating fluidized bed boiler’s own material circulation combustion characteristics inevitably cause wear on the heating surface and refractory materials. In the design, manufacturing, installation, furnace construction, oven and operation links, reasonable and effective anti-wear measures are taken to slow down The abrasion of the heating surface and the pouring material can improve the reliability and economy of the boiler operation.

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