Business Etiquette Training

September 13, 2021

Standardize business etiquette and shape a professional image. In order to further enhance the business etiquette and reception ability of the group employees, create a more professional workplace image. Recently, Rongsheng Technology Group organized and carried out a special training on business etiquette. This training was lectured by Sabrina of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, and more than 30 employees from the Ministry of Personnel Administration, Ministry of Internal Trade, Ministry of Foreign Trade, and E-commerce Department participated in this training.


 Zhengzhou Rongsheng Zhengzhou Rongsheng


Through this training, everyone has a newer and more comprehensive understanding of business etiquette, and further realizes the importance of business etiquette in daily work, which has a very positive effect on the improvement of employees' comprehensive quality. They all said that after half a day of real learning and training, they have benefited a lot and have gained a lot. In the future work, I will carefully understand the content of this training, achieve comprehensive and flexible use, shape the image on the outside, cultivate the temperament on the inside, and practically apply the learned business etiquette knowledge to actual work, and truly improve personal professional image and Literacy.


Strengthen the quality inside, shape the image outside. I believe that through this study, everyone will be able to internalize the training content and externalize the training content, form a corresponding code of conduct and apply it to future work, and provide more standardized services to customers at home and abroad.

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